If you enjoy trees but not in a lumberjack kind of way, Central Oregon may be your thing.

Outdoor adventure of all types can be found here, from roadside picnics to swimming hole excursions to fly-fishing on the Deschutes. The McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway offers the most spectacular ride in Oregon, if you like traveling the old-fashioned way. And the chasm of White River Falls tells a geologic story of violence and power — if standing in slack-jawed awe at the majesty of nature is something you’re into.

Astronauts even learned to walk on the moon by wandering around our lava rocks.

And Bend has some really good breakfast options, if enjoying some of the best meals you’ll ever experience is something you want to experience.

So even if you don’t like endless activities and beautiful landscapes, Central Oregon still has that whole astronaut thing going for it.

Central Oregon

Central Oregon: The high desert

Pictured Above

Sisters to Smith Rock Scenic Bikeway by Russ Roca

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